Grand Ballroom

This Grand Ballroom has a total of 193.48sqm area in total. Sitting capacity varies depending on the table and chair set-ups. This function room can also be divided into two (2) – Ballroom 1 (96.74 sqm) and Ballroom 2 (96.74 sqm). Its black interior alongside its LED screen makes it perfect to be the favorite event area of corporates and individuals for their social events.

Area in Sqm.193.48


This function room is a 105.60 sqm area that can be divided into two (2) rooms with a total of 52.80 sqm each. Perfect for group productivity sessions, presentations, and events with a choice of a bright and sunlit setting or blinds down for a more cozy and intimate set-up.

Area in Sqm.105.60

Business Center

B Hotel Quezon City has two (2) meeting rooms, A (31.46 sqm) and B (20.30 sqm). Each room has the perfect setting for group productivity sessions and small presentations or hitting that deadline just in time together in ultimate concentration.

Area in Sqm.Room A = 31.6, Room B = 20.30

B Hotel Tent

This is a 166.32 sqm events area located on the 6th floor of B Hotel Quezon City. This is where most people love to hold their night celebrations and decorate the whole tent area with their themed events.

Area in Sqm.166.32

Mezzanine Private Room

Whether it’s for a corporate meeting or a fun get-together with friends, this private room is equipped with the necessary tools and options for teams to work together with maximum concentration or to make the most out of your after-work bondings.


Introducing Luneta Function Room, a versatile space that adapts to your event needs. With customizable seating arrangements, its capacity varies to accommodate different setups. Divided into three sections – Luneta 1, 2, and 3 – this room offers flexibility for various events. Featuring a sleek grey interior and a built-in screen projector, Luneta Function Room is a top choice for corporate gatherings and social events, combining style and functionality seamlessly.

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